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Enjoy the book (especially the parts on time blocking and email management; these are maybe the two biggest areas where a few simple changes can immediately see a huge jump in your personal productivity.

Meanwhile, read the excerpt down below from a piece on productivity, time, and setting limits on distractions by social media strategist Chris Brogan. His recommendations are spot-on.

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“Distractions Are Part of Life”

exerpted from an article by Chris Brogan

You don’t have to be the president of a company to be distracted. You have Facebook. You have Twitter. You have access to more entertainment options than ever before. Your phone can play movies while you sit at your desk, pretending to review the month’s stats. You can have eBay open in one window watching an auction while clicking the occasional bold and italic icons in Word.

We have more screens looking for our eyes than any other generation. Your phone boops and bleeps all the time. We have more channels than ever before on TV, plus Blu-Ray, plus Netflix. The circumstances aren’t really stacked in your favor, for you to stay on target. Layer in your kids, your significant other, your colleagues.

You Own This Life

When all is said and done, you own your time. You own your life. You own the distractions. The excuse of how great Mad Men was last night isn’t that useful to your “I should really finish this book deadline that’s overdue” issue.

In my own life, I tackled some of the distractions as such:

* Nothing beeps. My phone allows incoming calls to make a noise, but that’s it. Texts, tweets, emails, etc, all go in silent. I look at them when I’m ready.
* No TV. This is my personal choice. TV isn’t evil. I just don’t need to surrender hours of time to it.
* Twitter isn’t always on. I used to leave it on to answer people’s messages all the time. I can’t do that. Work needs doing.
* Email isn’t an all-day thing. (see my time blocking post to get more on that.
* I keep goals and projects visible everywhere. Seeing visual reminders keeps my eyes on work.

You Set the Limits

It’s up to you to decide what you want. It’s up to you to decide how to eliminate reasons for failure, and how to make your own success much more real. You decide what to take off the table, and you decide what you want to tackle.

Scary and liberating, all in one. What do you think?

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  • Xtremegear

    I totally agree with distractions keeping us from being unproductive. I would get lost in my email inbox for hours. I finally decided to delete and skim, only reading what was really important. Thanks for the free download, keep the great information coming,
    thank you,

  • Brenda Wheeler

    In this New Year 20011….I am going to focus on how to incease my business by believing that “I AM” successful, plan my day better with a positive mentality, be more productive and eliminate all reasons for failure and make my own success real. Thank you for the free book it is awesome!!!!

  • Leo

    This is great information. I have been trying to get rid of the bad habits and I believe I’m getting better at it. As a result, you get the most important things done, you become more productive in you business and daily activities. Thanks for the free ebook. Happy new year to all!


  • Paul B

    Thanks for the great information and the free e-book. Increasing my productivity is key to my future success (and survival). All the best! Paul

  • Arlene Day

    Yep, time will make life stressful for you if you allow it to!

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