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Are Cash Flow Notes for Sale a Safe Investment?

Cash flow notes for sale offer a variety of investment opportunities. Presently, more than sixty types of cash flow notes exist. The most common types include real estate, land contracts, seller carry back mortgages, business notes and structured settlements.

Buying cash flow notes for sale can be beneficial for all parties involved. However, it is crucial to engage in due diligence and obtain appropriate legal documentation. Doing so will ensure a safe and profitable investment opportunity.

Real estate cash flow notes are secured by tangible property. Nearly any type of real estate can be used to secure real estate notes including single and multi-family dwellings, manufactured or mobile homes, condominiums and apartment buildings, commercial properties and raw land.

Investing in real estate cash flow notes can be risky. Financial experts recommend retaining the services of a real estate attorney to ensure proper documentation of transactions. Considering today’s economic recession and downturned housing market, careful consideration should be given when purchasing real estate notes.

Business notes are a popular choice for investors. Three primary types of business cash flow notes exist including: Factoring, purchase order funding, and seller carry back financing. Each type uses business assets as collateral.

Factoring involves using accounts receivables to secure the business note. Receivables are sold to a funding source referred to as the ‘Factor’. Factors can be a private investor, group of investors, or lending institution.

Purchase order funding is similar to factoring. The only difference is customer purchase orders are used as collateral to secure the note.

Seller carry back financing is one of the more popular types of cash flow notes for sale. Seller carry back financing is used to fund both business and real estate transactions. With the current economic recession, investors, business owners and property owners are turning to seller carry back financing.

Using seller carry back financing, owners carry all or part of the financing. Some owners finance a percentage of the purchase price while others will carry all of the financing. Seller carry back cash flow notes can be sold to investors in exchange for lump sum cash.

Another popular cash flow note investment is that of annuities. Structured settlements are used to compensate individuals who have been injured due to negligence or those who win jackpot lotteries.

Structured settlements are paid over a specific period of time through annuity payments which are backed by life insurance companies. Individuals who receive annuities can sell all or part of their payments to a private investor of funding group.

Annuitants must obtain court authorization to sell annuity payments. In most cases, structured settlement payments are arranged to provide Annuitants with financial security. Therefore, a true need to sell the structured settlement must be provided to the judge. Courts will not approve the sale of annuity payments if they feel it will cause financial harm.

Investors interested in investing in cash flow notes for sale should take time to become familiar with the process and types of cash flow notes available. Doing so will ensure investors obtain a good return on their investment.

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