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Rehab-Real-Estate: Some Myths About Rehabbing Houses

Despite the economic slowdown, a lot of people are still venturing into rehabbing housesbecause it is actually is a rewarding form of investing. On the other hand, others are reluctant to try this kind of real estate investing. For those who want to try it anyway, here are some common misconceptions about rehabbing houses:

Rehab-Real-Estate| Some Myths About Rehabbing Houses

1. It will die in an economic slump. The recession indeed has affected all industries and sectors imaginable. To say though that everything is on falling amid a recession is wrong. Some branches of real estate investing are flourishing despite the harsher times, and rehabbing houses is one of those. This is because of the proliferation of cheap houses, which can be repaired and refurbished and then sold at a much higher price. Fixer uppers, or those in disrepair, are cheap nowadays. Real estate owned properties, also known as bank owned homes, are also affordable and may be fixed and flipped. Short sales and foreclosures make fixing and flipping houses an even more lucrative business because of their affordable prices. There are scores of cheap houses you can buy and rehab today.

2. You will need gazillions of personal money when rehabbing. People think that all kinds of real estate investing need a very huge capital. Fixing and flipping houses is a different banana. If you have savings or extra money, that’s good. You can go on buying properties right ahead. But if you don’t have the funds, that’s not the end of the world for you and your real estate investing career. House flippers often seek financing through hard money loans, which allows you to rehab a property with little or no personal money at all. Hard money lenders are individuals who do not care about your credit score or your current income. What they want to see is whether you will make money from a property if they finance your project.

3. You will survive just by stuffing your brain with information from TV shows about rehabbing. This is the most common misconception about rehabbing house. This business may not require a lot of financial capital but you need to learn the tricks of the trade to succeed. Maybe you’ve watched all the television shows about fixing and flipping houses and read a book or two but is that enough? You can never tell. Attend seminars about real estate in your area whenever possible. Talk to seasoned realtors and investors. You can also go online and check websites It offers videos and other comprehensive material about rehabbing houses and other stuff about real estate investing.

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