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Albuquerque Housing Market 2019: Home Prices & Trends

How is The Albuquerque Real Estate Market 2019?

Real estate can be a worthy investment opportunity. With research, a plan and the right price, just about anyone can be a real estate investor. If you are looking at investing in the Albuquerque real estate market as a potential investment opportunity, you must read till the end. Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico, home to around half a million people. Yet it is overshadowed by the state capital Santa Fe. It lacks the mystique of Roswell or Clovis.

Yet the Albuquerque housing market has a number of points in its favor which we shall discuss with you in detail. With Albuquerque’s rising rental costs and low housing prices, it’s undoubtedly a great market for investors looking to purchase an investment property. According to Albuquerque real estate investors, Ventana Ranch, Cabezon, Enchanted Hills, Hills Village, Tanoan, Alturaand, Northern Meadows are great subdivisions to buy investment properties. These locations in Albuquerque have all the factors that make for a good income property.

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