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And the winner is … me!


For the question contest in March, the leaders were:

1) Bill (Calculated Risk)
2) Billy Forney
3) Bryant Dodson
4) Charles Chuckray
5 tie) Walt Tucker
5 tie) Ed Hodder

Congratulations to all.

For fun I’ve added a monthly question contest on the right sidebar. It takes a Facebook login.

In April, I’ll ask some economic predictions several times a week: For April 2nd, I’m asking: Will the March ISM Manufacturing Index be over 53? (Note: I’m leaving the market predictions out for April).

Contestants receive 1 point for each correct answer. At the end of each month, I’ll list the leaders in a post on the blog.

For both February and March, the winner was … CR. Hey, play along and beat CR!

• Summary for Week Ending March 30th
• Schedule for Week of April 1st

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