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Bad CIA intel leads to bad decisions …

(I just read a Tom Clancy novel on vacation.  Every time I read CIA, my brain translated the acronym to Comparative Information Analysis – but I digress.)

We’re really jazzed to launch Portfolio Watch – Altos’ next generation analytic platform to help residential real estate investors to know whether it’s best to “rent before selling” or to “sell before renting.”

If you face renting REO’s or investment property, you also face the challenge of acquiring solid, reliable data.  And not just rental data.  All the data.  If your Comparative Information Analysis is incomplete or just plain wrong, can you ever be truly confident in your decision?

Through the Portfolio Watch analytic platform, you can access never-before-available Rental and Listing data for all your properties in any given market.

Succinctly summarized. Easy to read and understand.   Know what’s sold.  Know what’s listed.  Know the local rental market. Know the local market dynamics.  Know what it’s likely to look like tomorrow, not just what it looked like yesterday.

It’s there, it’s in one spot and it’s at Portfolio Watch.  Take it for a test drive.

Check it out here

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