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Basic Accounting : What Are Cash Flow Notes?


Cash flow notes, or statements, are one of the financial statements required by GAP, and they show a user’s resources, sources of cash and uses of cash. Learn about the three main categories of financial statements, which are cash used by operations, investing activities and financing activities, with help from a certified public accountant in this free video on cash flow notes. Expert: Miranda Chook Bio: Miranda Chook is a CPA with expertise in international operations. Filmmaker: Bing Hugh
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Cash Flow
cash flow notes

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Russ Dalbey And The Winning In The Cash Flow Notes Business

Russ Dalbey is the CEO and Founder of The Dalbey Wealth Institute. I think we have probably all seen his infomercials around 6 A.M. for his most popular program Winning in the Cash Flow Business. His big deal here is Cash Flow Notes 101.

This sort of a business could be a way to be involved in real estate in my opinion without a whole lot of risk. There is always some risk, especially with real estate.

Winning in the Cash Flow Business is actually one of those few programs we are always looking for to be what they promise to be. I have read countless positive reviews about Russ Dalbey and his Cash Flow Notes 101 system.

I am not involved with this system so I don’t care if you get involved or not. It is only my job to offer my findings to articles like this one on any program once it has been researched. I have no connection with Russ Dalbey or any of his material. Real Estate is not my thing.

One of the things I like to find is a company that responds to questions in a real personal manner. I mean I have heard that you can actual go into Russ’s office for personal training. Also as a student you have access to actual real experts in the cash flow notes business to work with you.

I think that you only make even the good programs work if your heart is truly in it. You really do need to love what your doing if want to be a true success, and yea you do need a solid program to follow.

Real estate ventures of any kind can be risk. I have tried most of the popular programs out there involving real estate and some of the not so popular ones. I will say again I think that this program could work but it does involve property and bank notes, attorneys and bank negotiators, all of which can be very complicated with little to no room for error, especially if you are just starting out.

We all want to be like Trump right? Well believe me he did not get there over night. I personally prefer to make my money in other business ventures first and then I can go after the real estate market. For Fun! After all I like to think of the real estate as being the goal that can follow the success. Any way those are just my opinions and personal goals.

If you are looking specifically for a real estate based program to be involved with I would recommend Russ Dalbey and The Winning in the Cash Flow Notes Business and Cash Flow Notes 101.

Bill Tannar is an entrepreneur at heart. He has found a way to open a path up to anyone interested in online business ventures through choosing the right programs to work with.

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