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REO Secrets with Susan Lassiter-Lyons [Video]


Susan has been teaching about REO since 2009, and her course, “Bulk REO Secrets,” is regarded as one of the best training programs available for profiting from the current glut of REOs. Check out the comments below for what others thought about this video training, and if you have questions, email us at

Close your door, turn off your phone, and take notes as REO expert Susan Lassiter-Lyons reveals…

  • 3 REO power strategies
  • 6 Step Process Map you can implement immediately
  • An AMAZING offer for how you can get started today for less than $200

To access the special offer Susan made on the call, click here.

Thanks for watching, see you next time…

If you have any questions or comments about the course, please reply below.

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  • Tonia Jefferson


    I am a licensed realtor, can I do this business as a investor or do I need to go through my real estate brokerage.

  • Daryl Crabtree

    Thank you Susan! I will implement your instructions as best as I can. Thank you again, and if this works for me it will be free!

  • m

    Thanks. Great information.

  • Bill

    reply to Tonia Jefferson, it’s “an investor”.

  • http://n/a Isaac O.Wilson

    Do you have access to Bulk reo;s for Commercial and , multifamily properties?


    Dear Susan,Thank you for some really great information. The brokening is the way I would like to work.How could I find the buyers list? Susan,will I be able to get a prove of funding letter,before to go to the bank?

  • Nick Musto

    This was the first Web Seminar that given how you can start a REO busniess. Great Job.

  • Nick Musto

    Susan I am implementing right after this web seminar. This was the most informative web seminar I have attended.
    Have One question were do you find buyers for HOTEL PROPERTIES.

  • Christina Paul

    Great information and I am interested. Susan excelled in her presentation and expertise. I’m not able to ACT right now as I’m leaving town Monday until end of September. Won’t be able to start AND btw, I’m one of the people she talks about who has bought other RE programs and either never took action or didn’t stick with it. I’m a REALTOR and remodeler and love real estate. Am always looking for a way to make the industry work better for me as I just don’t make enough money in it. I will listen to this video again. I have dinner guests arriving shortly. I’ll be looking at this again in the morning.

  • jim

    would your course benefit me in finding my first REO as I am only interested in getting the best best deal possible on my families first home.

  • Kyle Ford

    I am very impressed with Susan’s sharing of this information and her low key approach to teaching others. I have been looking at getting into bulk REO for sometime now but was very put off by the ‘daisy chains’ and recently the obnoxious ‘gurus’ flooding my email inbox with their REO programs costing thousands of dollars. Her approach and information settled it for me and I am purchasing this program and will take my business to next level. I look forward to sending in my photo of my 1st check!

    Thank you!

  • Gerald

    Great information, you are a True professional….
    I know about Bulk Reo’s but I’m still going to buy your program.




  • Susan Lassiter-Lyons

    Tonia – you can absolutely do this business as an investor and don’t have to go through your brokerage.

  • Donald Dunn

    Your webinar has more content than many courses. Thanks for putting this together. I have to run now, going to take some action on your offer.

    Donald Dunn


    Dear Susan,

    You gave an excellent presentation, which was very informative! I learned a lot just listening to you on this webinar~ Thank you for sharing your information. And thanks for making it so affordable…

    I am looking forward to receiving Bulk REO Secrets!

  • Ouida Hull

    Thank you, Susan,
    I want this so badly, but won’t have the money until next month.

    Is it possible I can get it then for the same price?


  • Evvy Boggess

    Hi susan
    I like this information that you gave us but I could not get on the website for the FDIC.GOV/Please send it to me
    Thanks Evvy Boggess
    Broker in California

  • Jannett Graham

    I have purchased a few of Susan’s courses and for no reason other than my own lack of motivation and sometimes fear, I have not done anything with the material except listen and taken copious notes! I am a fan of SLL’s ever since hearing her speak at a Brad Wozny seminar and just followed her through her investors insights as a member. Listening to her REO blueprint, made me feel a shift in my thinking. I am going to invest in her program with every fibre of my being to follow through and see if I can actually do this real estate thing! I love the way she is willing to share and give more than any other guru is offering. I want to be able to say “hey Susan, I have finally done it and it’s all thanks to you!”
    I noticed that Jeff Adams has recently blown up the airwaves with his new release on REO’s but I already know that Susan had this down and ready long before. I am interested, however, whether, the strategies taught by Susan can be used in Jeff’s analysis software?

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