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Flip-flops create a national flap


33-Second House Tour
house flip

Image by TedsBlog
A 33-second tour of my house using my FLIP video camera.

Flip-flops create a national flap
Back and forth it goes with the tale of the Northwestern University women’s lacrosse players who wore flip-flops to meet the president. Flip: “Nobody was wearing old beach flip-flops,” said one of the players, who wore a rhinestone-bedecked, pair to a July 12 ceremony at the White House honoring the team for its NCAA championship.
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This one was fun. We got it off CraigsList from the original owner who was 95 years old and still drives. Crazy thing was it had this BRAND NEW GREEN ROOF so we broke the rehabbers cardinal rule, (never paint a house green) but it all worked out. Sold in 2 days with multiple Full Price Offers. This house was “green” in more than one way : ) We Buy San Antonio Houses

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