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Foreclosure Freeze Interview with Bob [video]


Video: 100% content call plus Q&A with Bob Massey on the opportunities created by the “Foreclosure Freeze”

Read about and register for Bob’s follow-up call here

On this call, scheduled for 11/18 at 8 pm EST, Bob will be interviewing “Mitigator X” about how investors can negotiate successfully with banks to get distressed properties. Don’t miss it!

Enjoy, and please leave your questions and comments below!

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  • Jim

    Excellent. Can hardly wait for the next one on mitigator X. Many thanks.

  • Ivan Avalos


  • Anthony

    Great call. Had a hard time viewing the replay.
    Something wrong with the Windows Media
    Player. The audio was low and distorted.
    Something wrong with this replay / comment page
    as well. Won’t display the content properly.

  • Frankieboo

    Where do I press play?

  • admin

    It’s working fine on our side, Anthony. Maybe try another browser or machine?

  • Anonymous

    Click the white circle in the middle of the video area–it overlays the words “welcomes” and “Massey.”

  • ron aguilar

    I missed the 11/18 call, how do we hear the recording?

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