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hard money?


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Question by tool3bars: hard money?
what is hard money,what are the risks,what interest rate should i expect,how do i find a safe and reliable lender?

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Answer by allamericanred2
hard money is a type ofshort term mortgage that is loaned to you specifically for the purpose of buying distressed real estate to repair and once completed then resell or refinance within 6- 12 months. Generally they will loan you up to 70% of the after repaired value for both the purchase and for the repairs at 13-18% with a 5% loan fee (5 points). They will release the money for repairs to you from an escrow account as they are completed.

For example:

A run down house worth 100,000 after repairs…

ARV( after repair value) 100,000
- 30% 30,000(expenses,interest, insurance,
balance available for
purchase and repair
purchase cost loaned 50,000
repairs costs loaned 20,000

to locate hard money lender google hard money lender plus your city or state,

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hard money

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  • the dream

    The first answer pretty much nailed it; I know 2 hard money lenders that do exactly that.

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