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How can I find a good real estate investment coach?


Question by Xiang Z: How can I find a good real estate investment coach?
I am a new real estate investor. I am looking for a good real estate investment coach in San Francisco Bay Area. I have a real estate saleperson license and have basic real estate investment knowledge. I am looking for a good real estate investor coach who have years of success investment experience in residential and commericial. I have private funds for good deals and would like to be partnership or learn from savy investors.

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Answer by Biancoa
Try going to your local real estate investors association. They normally have meetings once a month and as a guest you can usually attend for free. If you want to get into commercial, try working at a commercial only brokerage. They are the better ones to work at unless you want to only invest in single family homes.

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  • Bitto

    Really it is very difficult to find such person…Because it is a business which need more investment so we need more concentration and hard work towards the business…He should know the complete and entire information about the business….He must do the business at least for a period of 15 years…Then we can choose him as a coach and gain knowledge from him….

  • Dominion Lending Centres

    Russ Whitney has a great coaching program you may want to take a look at.

    Good Luck

    Sheldon Moylan of Dominion Lending Centres

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