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How do I find a hard money lender to work with me on my real estate investments?


Question by Steph: How do I find a hard money lender to work with me on my real estate investments?
My husband and I have a very strong real estate backround and have experience in real estate investing. In the past, we have always used traditional lending. Unfortunately, we have experienced a few financial setbacks in the past few months which have taken a toll on our credit. We are anxious to start investing again, but are going to need a hard money lender who will look at all angles of the opportunity as opposed to our credit. Any suggestions as to how we can locate a HML that may help us?

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Answer by GVD
You need large down payments and a short turnaround time to buy properties with Hard Money. You don’t sound like you have large down payments and if you think you are going to be flipping, you are in for a surprise.

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  • Anthony

    There are many hard money lenders out there all over the country…it seems like there are more now due to the current market. Your best bet is to google it and contact a few of them and see what suits you best.

    As for the other answer that says if you are thinking about flipping, you are in for a surprise…I don’t know what that means. It is a great time to be buying and selling real estate (especially with the pre-foreclosure market) and it is being done all over the country, ethically and legally.

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