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How Is The Dayton Real Estate Market For Investors In 2019?

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Market

Dayton, Ohio is the sixth largest city in Ohio. The city is home to roughly 140,000 people. The metro Dayton Ohio housing market includes around 800,000 people. That makes it the fourth largest in the state and roughly 60th in the United States. To many, it is a small city in flyover country. However, the Dayton Ohio real estate market offers more than meets the eye. The market trends show that the Dayton area has real potential for a single family home or an investment property in the year 2019.

The general picture of this region is on the upswing. Home values are predicted to go up a healthy 1.9% in 2019, making Dayton a positive choice for real estate investing in the next five to ten years. In 2017, three communities in the Dayton-area were named among the top 10 healthiest housing markets in Ohio, including one local market that ranked third nationally. Northridge, Oxford and Beavercreek were considered as some of the best housing markets where homeowners can easily sell their homes with low risk of losing money., according to a study conducted by the finance website SmartAsset.

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Market

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