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how to get interested prospects for real estate investing?

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Question by duhzz: how to get interested prospects for real estate investing?
I work with a company that gives people all the necessary tools to learn and start investing in real estate. The education in this company is so well constructed that you can earn college credits towards a degree. So it is definitely NOT an MLM or seminar type of thing. The company is first of its kind in the nation and currently there are 10,000 members nationwide.

So, how do I find some good prospects?

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Answer by Screaming Eagle II
When there are REIT companies and mutual funds which already allow anyone to invest in real estate with no education at all, I am wondering how this company makes money.

Have you made any money doing this or are you just looking for investors to buy trust deed investments where you keep half the profit?

Do they charge a fee to become a member?
Do they charge a fee to teach people how to invest?
Do you or they get a percentage of the investment?

And of course, my favorite question, of those 10,000 members nationwide, how many have made more than they put into it?

Now to answer your question, I would say advertise in investment magazines.

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  • CrazyAces

    Its not the first company in the nation that does that. I do consulting work for a company that does that excat same thing. They have been around for 15 years, teaching people Real Estate. They have around 8,000 active investors at all time coming to class and attending seminars we hold. I do however know how the get their leads, and how they get people in the door to purchase their products. But that my friend is a trade secret.

  • Biancoa

    Have you considered hosting Cashflow games? That is what I do.


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