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Is the Fed’s QE3 Good for the Housing Market?

Is the Feds QE3 Good for the Housing Market?Last week, the Federal Reserve announced a new round of “quantitative easing,” or QE3, meaning the Federal Reserve will  fire up the printing presses to buy $40 billion worth of  mortgage-backed securities (MBS) every month on an open-ended basis in an effort to further drive down historically low interest rates.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said QE3 should put downward pressure on mortgage rates, helping the housing market.  By lowering borrowing costs and spurring  banks to lend more, the Fed hopes to induce more spending and eventually set  the stage for more hiring.  The Fed tied its bond-purchase program explicitly to jobs, saying it will keep buying bonds until it sees a substantial improvement  in the labor market.

Who benefits from QE3?

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