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Is there still money to be made in house flipping? How much did you make on your last flip?


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Question by Christopher B: Is there still money to be made in house flipping? How much did you make on your last flip?
Is there still money to be made in flipping houses? Have you tried to flip a house recently? How much money did you make after it was all said and done? Which market were you in?

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Answer by cdhannum
There will always be money to be made in house flipping. Know your market. If the market is falling, you will have to catch the market. Buy at a price point proportionate to the margin you would have liked to have had before the fallout.
As long as you are aware of market conditions in the area, there is no excuse to not be able to make money in house flipping.

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don’t flip this house
house flip

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a year from now – a condominium!

  • Landlord

    If you know what you are doing and get lucky you can flip.

    I was not lucky last year and did not flip any.

    I found one this year, I only repainted it and made 100k.

    It was a fluke, it went on the market WAY below value, was only ugly and somehow I was the only bidder. I am almost always outbid by people paying all cash. I do not keep much cash on hand and have to finance.

    If you can not afford to loose the whole investment this is not a good time to be trying it.

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