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Reverse Mortgage Fraud?

Image by Schodts
I have no idea what the exact story is about this house….but the first thing I thought was….

I wonder what the neighbors think?

Driving out of Palm Springs last week I noticed the graffiti on this house. Which is odd enough….but after looking a bit more I realized…someone had been especially upset with their lender, mortgage company and realtor.

If you click through on the picture … All the tags on the right are directly from the picture. I put in "Alleged" because I obviously don’t know anything about what’s going on except what the graffiti tells me.

I’ll post a bit of the story here when I have a chance to research it.

UPDATE: When I was in Palm Springs over New Years (Dec. 31, 2008) I drove by this house and everything had been cleaned up. I still don’t know any more about what happened than when I started.

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