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Phoenix Short Sale: Effective Remedy For Defaulting Borrowers


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Phoenix Short Sale: Effective Remedy For Defaulting Borrowers

A Phoenix short sale is one of the rock-solid remedies that you, as a homeowner, can utilize of during a financial squeeze. If you realize that you can no longer keep or afford your home and you are falling behind on your monthly mortgage payments, then it may be the right time to consider a Phoenix short sale. But it is important to note that not all those who are affected by the recession, or any financial downturn for that matter, can sell their homes through Phoenix short sales. The most important thing to bear in mind when trying to negotiate a Phoenix short sale or a statewide Arizona short sale is the fact that the home or the piece of real estate that you will short sale should also be the security or collateral for the loan in which you are falling behind.

In other words, a Phoenix short sale is a form of renegotiating your loan with the bank. Essentially, it is away to avoid foreclosure by selling your home. But a Phoenix short sale is not just like any ordinary sale of your home. Here, you will not get hold of the proceeds. The resulting cash from Phoenix short sales will be given as payment to the bank or any other financial lender from which you owe money. In any type of Arizona short sale, the lender agrees to receive payment that is below the total amount of your loan.

In other words, availing of a Phoenix short sale will result in a discount to your loan. But take note, not all banks or lenders may agree to an Arizona short sale. Typically, financial institutions accede to Phoenix short sales only when there is an economic slow down or slump, which could weigh down on most homeowners who borrowed money from them. While a Phoenix short sale could be perceived as a discount on the part of borrowers, it allows mortgage lenders to recover a big portion – or in rare cases, the total amount – of the loans they lend out.

If you want to take advantage of a Phoenix short sale, you first have to visit your mortgage lender or bank and talk with someone in the loans department. If you and the loan officer shake hands on a Phoenix short sale of your home, you will have to sell your mortgaged home and give the proceeds to the bank or lender. No matter how much cash you have raised on an Arizona short sale of your property, it will all be good enough for the total satisfaction of your mortgage. This is actually the main benefit of Phoenix short sales.

In the end, you should know that a Phoenix short sale all depends on whether the bank agrees to it. After all, what financial institution would want to receive a payment that is less than the total amount due? Conversely, not all borrowers qualify for Phoenix short sales. However, if you do qualify for a Phoenix short sale or a statewide Arizona short sale, you will have a less expensive way of paying off your mortgage compared to an outright foreclosure. A Phoenix short sale also results in a less disadvantageous credit report for the borrower.

Reed Lattin is a Phoenix, Arizona short sale expert who specializes in helping homeowners. If you owe more than your home is worth and need to sell, contact Reed at 602-762-1270 or visit Reed’s phoenix short sale webpage

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