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pre foreclosures?


Question by misty m: pre foreclosures?
Where can you find a list of homes going in to forecloseure in SC?

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Answer by Meow ? It’s Me
your local county recorder or tax authority
local banks

good luck

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Spotted in the Local Real Estate Office Window: Pre-Foreclosure Quail Ridge 2br/2ba Condo, 0K

Image by JoeBehrSoCal
This is a steal. Wow.

HOA Website:


  • U.S.A.

    look in the newspaper in local city for the sheriff sales. It’s better to get the home before this doing a short sale with the bank but it’s a lot of work.

  • Todd B

    The easiest way is to have your title company send you a notice of default list. I have picked up fantastic deals this way. You dont have to go to the county records building and by the time it hits the newspaper, you will have to fight with alot of other people to get it.

  • Joel r

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