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Q&A: self directed ira?

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Question by jaybike1997: self directed ira?
If I buy property with the funds from my IRA how do I collect rent, or handle repairs, taxes, etc.

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Answer by JaretR72
All income and expenses for the rental should flow through the IRA account. Any expenses you pay personally (with non IRA funds) will be considered to be additional contributions to your IRA and may be deductible to you (as IRA contributions of course). Keep in mind also that it’s possible you might not be eligible to make IRA contributions if you are already participating in a 401(k) or some other employer plan.

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Kihei Bay Surf #130
self-directed IRA

Image by kaiscapes
Kihei Bay Surf #130, Maui, Hawaii. Self-directed IRA real estate investment. Interior design by Barbara Armstrong,

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