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Q&A: What will be the next best area for real estate investments?


Question by Jessica: What will be the next best area for real estate investments?
After the economy gets stabilized, what do you think will be the next hot area for real estate investments? For example, those who invested in the DC area in the early 2000s saw a HUGE ROI a few years back.

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Answer by Bibs
In many places, stock brokerage houses and real estate companies selling single family residences are cutting down on branch offices and generally reducing office floor space. This is going to put many landlords who own office buildings into bankruptcy. There will be some buys out there.

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  • BennyBoy


    There will be several hot areas when the market settles. The problem is knowing when it will settle. I personally opt to put my money in markets where the economics are sound. I’m a long term kinda guy. I believe in slow and steady…a turtle race if you will. Just like in the stock market…there are opportunities to get rich or lose it all when taking on such risks. The only way to hedge this bet is with sheer education…long hours spent determining where and when to buy or by taking a look at some basic factors that can tell you whether a given area is a steady achiever. I work and invest in Tulsa, OK b/c it is steady and the fundamentals are sound. Throughout this entire mortgage and financial crisis, OK has remained strong and has boasted gains in home prices. OK is number one right now in appreciation according to OFHEO
    and has steadily given appreciation results to their owners. Now don’t get me wrong, we are only appreciating at 5-6% but we are appreciating which is more than can be said for most of the country right now. So this question needs to be addressed at its core. Do you want to take large risks or are you concerned with results that are more secure and will take care of you over the long term. If you are at all risk averse, I would recommend investing in somewhere like Tulsa, OK. If you have a strong propensity to risk equity in a property, then you might want to look elsewhere. CA has some deals…but are they really deals…is the market finished going down…and if so…the values aren’t going to magically jump back up to overinflated values of 2 years ago. Hope this helps a little. I have found that there really are no get rich quick programs out there but rather success can be found in looking at sound and organized investments that represent your ultimate desire for wealth. Don’t get carried away in the best case scenario all the time. Those times will come soon enough but only if they aren’t forced. I recently started a blog for the company I work for which can be seen at
    We specialize in real estate investments and have had many California customers happy with their decision to invest outside of their state. It has certainly paid off. Check us out if you’re interested. If not, at least maybe you can take some of this advice and apply it down the road.

  • Ed Atun

    Vacant land. Buy some..

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