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Don’t Slip on the Snake Oil

Have you noticed how many gurus lately have been doing their versions of the same “Super Fabulous
Quadruple Your Income Mega Fest” events whenever they want a captive audience to sell high-priced
coaching programs to?

I’m not talking about serious RE events where the content and training are the main focus.

You know the ones I mean.

And have you figured out why these guys practically give tickets away? (answer: free ticket = pitch-fest)

Want an Alternative? Here’s the Real Deal

When I come across something different, something REAL, I like to share it with you.

You may have noticed that here at REI Bulletin, we’re very interested in creative real estate investing

Whether it’s creative ways to get private money to fund deals, creative ways to get control
of commercial properties without having to actually buy them, or creative ways of analyzing local market
trends to know what part of the cycle they’re in, part of our misison is to open your eyes to fresh, new
approaches to RE investing.

One creative approach for sellers that hardly anyone understands is the use of seller financing to get higher
prices for properties, sell them more quickly, and dramatically boost the yield on your investment.

Could this be YOU?

  • Want to negotiate to BUY properties without having to go through banks?
  • Want to get top dollar for a property and NOT have to depend on bank financing for a
    motivated buyer?
  • Sitting on a rental that’s draining your cash flow?
  • Took back a property that won’t move on the retail market?

You need to master seller financing as an exit strategy…and here’s how you can do that, alongside
some of the top active RE investors in the country…


Advanced tip: There are even seller finance NINJAS who use more advanced versions of this approach to
not only help buyers (who can’t get traditional bank loans) into homes they love, but to structure the
whole deal so that the investor profitably exits from these deals by selling the PAPER they created on the
distressed property, rather than the property itself. Very cool.

(Sorry for being a little vague here–the guy who showed me this technique isn’t ready to go public–YET-
but he will be there too–and I’ll introduce you…)

Register now. This one’s going to sell out SOON.

Click to find out more…

Meet Top Investors in New Orleans

Anyway, this guy and his “creative RE finance ninja”
friends have an annual meeting down in New Orleans,
and it’s the exact opposite of the typical “all flash and
no cash” gatherings you hear so much about.

Do I have your attention now?

They call it the “Convention on Real Estate and
Discounted Note Investing, Finance, and Cash Flow

but here’s what it really is:

  • one of the best places to network with serious investors who are looking for deal partners
  • one of the best places to learn a whole new set of strategies for profitable RE investing
  • and one of the best places to hang out in a NON SALES situation with your favorite RE trainers in
    a “private club” atmosphere

Don’t take my word for it, take Jeff Watson’s…

Here’s what Jeff Watson, “America’s Short Sale Attorney,” says about this event:

“Last year (2009) was the first time I was invited to the Convention, and I was impressed by the quality of the
other attendees (most are long-time, serious investors) and the training. I was amazed at how much
I learned, and I wouldn’t miss it. This is a must-attend event for any serious RE investor.”

Come hang out with top RE trainers in a REAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT

This year, you can come to where the gurus Like Jeff learn about creative real estate finance strategies.

…or if you could just show up and pick Jason Medley’s brain on Private Money… (Jason: “This event
is all about my favorite topic–MONEY. These guys know more about creative financing strategies and
maximizing yield on RE investments than anybody.”)

…or ask Josh Cantwell about his current thinking on short sale investing. (Josh: “I’m taking my coaching
clients to the event this year because that’s THE place to learn about creative financing strategies,
which short sale investors need more than ever, and distressed asset investing.”)

or ask Marty Goodman about hard money loans and note pools…

or ask the President of Entrust about IRA investing (for you and your investors)

or ask Divina Westerfield about financing performing AND defaulted notes

or, well, you get my point…

I’ll be blunt. There are more “gurus” per square foot at this event than anywhere else I know of,
and it’s not because they’re selling, it’s because they want an EDGE in their own investing projects.

Here’s how to get in on this…

If you’re interested in joining them,


Did I mention that we even got you 20% off? Just click that link and the discount, through 10/7,
will get applied. (It will show up as 20Discount2010 and is already deducted.)

Oh–and it’s DIRT CHEAP for what you’re getting.

But don’t worry. It’s not free.

See you in New Orleans!

REI Bulletin

P.S. The event is in a nice, upscale French Quarter hotel, not some massive monstrosity out by the airport, but
unfortunately that means that they have less than 150 seats for the entire event, most of which will be
gone by the time you read this email. Time to jump…

Register and get more info here…

Also, just a head’s up, the NAR convention is in town that weekend, so every hotel room in town
outside their room block is probably booked. Once you get your ticket, BOOK IMMEDIATELY, or
you may end up sleeping on Bourbon Street.

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