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The sand…the waves…the sun…and a pair of flip flops? Summer wouldn’t be complete without going to the beach. And going to the beach would definitely mean bringing a pair of flip flops! Now, considering the number of people who actually plan of having a beach trip would mean the same number of flip flops purchased! Can you just imagine how many pairs that would be?

With such demand for flip flops, everyone is just so eager to go around and scout for the hottest pair. To those beach addicts who love to shop, flip flops would definitely be in top priority among other items in the shopping list. So which is the best place to buy your flip flops? There are actually two basic options. First, check those beach stores around the malls. In a beach shop, flip flops will surely be part of the displays. There’s an abundance of stores where you can readily shop flip flops. Stores such as Javaianas, Billabong, Roxy, Crocs, and many more offer a variety of designs, colors, sizes and styles which have been created for shoppers to choose from. You don’t even have to limit yourself to stores which specialize on beach stuff, because in almost every shop, flip flops are available. People like going around and seeing for themselves the latest trends in the hippest stores. Girls most especially like checking out on the colors and styles which would match their beach outfits best. It’s interesting to know that you can even customize your own flip flops. Not to mention the available flip flops for those with big feet. Flip flops have actually become a fashion statement. Who would have thought that flip flops would play such a special role in the fashion world? Guys also like searching for the latest flip flops. Although for the men, their priority would really be in terms of comfort and durability, not so much on the style. Men usually go for the basic colors and designs. To them, to shop flip flops would mean picking the right size, having the best feel and comfort, choosing a safe color to match any of their outfits, and they’re ready to go!

The second option where one could find the best flip flops available is to search online. There are great deals for flip flops on the net. To those who want to do business, searching for wholesalers is a good idea, and for those who want to purchase flip flops for themselves, purely for personal use, visiting some sites would be a good option. Typing in “shopflipflops” for instance may lead you to websites which offer flip flops of all sorts to suit your preference. If you’re in a rush to have that pair for the summer, and you really don’t have the time to scout around, then just click-click-click, and that pair of flip flops would be delivered right to your doorstep. It really isn’t difficult to shop flip flops because today, everything is just so convenient. Just be aware of what you want when it comes to your flip flops and before you know it, you’re ready for that exciting beach trip!

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Camping Equipment
buy and flip

Image by wetwebwork
Apart from some clothes, this is what I’m taking for a 200 mile hike in the U.S.

[Update] Stuff that didn’t make it back:

Trousers, ripped open sliding down half crescent on second day, binned on first day back in civilization.

Sunglasses, broke first day.

Cameras ditched before we even flew out to California because of weight.

Sleeping pad, left in California.

Glasses, made it back, but grit and sand ruined them (despite being in their case the whole time).

Spork, snapped.

Watch, fell off and lost.

Stuff I couldn’t have lived without

Hat, mp3 player, deet, camel bak (not shown, bought it after a few days out there).

Stuff I didn’t need

Water bottles (useful, but camel bak far far better), Nintendo DS (battery flat by the time I wanted to use it), flip flops (sprained ankle wading stream in them, should have bought crocs), maps and notebook (though if I’d have got lost, the maps would have been worth it), towel (used it maybe once).

Best Buy Ad Online
buy and flip

Image by mstephens7
We cancelled the newspaper — the South Bend Tribune — because all the ads and articles we usually want are online. Today I flipped through the best Buy ad online. Then on to Target.

Visiting San Ramon
buy and flip

Image by modenadude
That’s Nawaz and his Flip video recorder. He works for Cisco and is beta-testing the Flip camera, a company that Cisco bought. It’s a great HD camera!

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