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Top 5 Reasons I Chose My Rental Property


Last week I entered four apartment units, for five short minutes each, and had to pick one to live in for the next year.  Aside from the great downtown location, here are the “Top 5 Reasons” I chose my 600 square foot one-bedroom apartment…

  1. Natural light. I don’t need to turn on the lights until the sun goes down. From the kitchen window, two dining room windows and sliding glass door, in the bulk of the apartment, to the wall-width window in the bedroom and the neutral-white walls, the space feels larger than 600 square feet (I know because I measured!).
  2. No dishwasher? No need with a double-wide, undivided sink. I can stick to delaying dish-washing duties until the deep sink fills up and then work up the motivation to wash them. Who couldn’t use a little extra motivation?
  3. Peace and quiet. I was lucky to find an apartment that shares no walls, only the ceiling. With the one unit above me, there is virtually no noise.
  4. Larger-than-needed parking spots! You could fit a Chevrolet Heavy Duty 2500 truck in my designated underground carport. I don’t own that truck, but if I did, I’d be able to park it there. Wishful thinking…
  5. Deep closets to hide the stuff I rarely use. I need all the help I can get when storing surfboards, golf clubs, bikes, skis, a lacrosse bag, etc.  The amount of sporting equipment I have may be a little excessive  but it’s so nice to have storage space.

If you are an investor, consider these things because they matter to regular apartment-renting people like me. Lighten the paint, add a bigger sink, soundproof the walls, provide decent city-parking and add some storage options.

Happy renting!

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