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Where can I buy flip-flops that last long at a good price?


A couple of people have asked me how I get the wide-angle interior car shots in some of my videos. Here’s a very quickly thrown together (and admittedly very long) video that shows you really how simple it is to modify your Flip Ultra HD or Flip Mino HD with some off the shelf camcorder accessories and some super glue. *UPDATE* A bunch of people have asked about where to find the wide angle lens – I don’t work for Best Buy but you can find it on their website here (you can also find a number of perfectly fine lenses at a number of perfectly fine retailers Filmed on a Sony Webbie MHS-CM1 (Note: This will probably void your warranty if you do it to your camera – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)
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Question by Nikki: Where can I buy flip-flops that last long at a good price?
Please give me the store, and brand if possible. And an estimate of the price will be appreciated.

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Answer by K J
i love the old navy ones
they are cheap and last long

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Ode à mes schlaps
buy and flip

Image by Frabuleuse
I bought these flip flops more than ten years ago. I have been wearing them every summer ever since and they are still alive.

This last summer with the turtles has been tiering for them. Now the question I ask myself is: should I put them to rest, or wear them again next year until some part definitely cracks?

A friend suggested that I frame them and hang them in my room, this is maybe to extreme so I took this picture instead.

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  • Sara K

    i think garage has nice flip-flops i bought two pairs, they lasted me the whole summer. they have gorgeous designs too! im pretty sure that when i bought them, they were 7.50 canadian! they have them in rubber and in cotton material.

  • melissa

    old navy ones are always good. They usually last me a whole summer! they are 2 for $5 dollars right now… and they come in a LOT of colors!! hope this helps!! :]

  • Big Boy Dev

  • Marie [x] Malicious

    Flip-flops will NEVER last long. xD I recommend buying them at Old Navy since they’re cheap and have a good variety of colours. :]

  • ShouldBeWorking

    Old Navy lasts long for the price. They are only a few dollars, and come in lots of colors and stuff. So, you can literally buy like 4 pairs for under $10 and be set for the summer!

    If you want more expensive ones, I love the new Addidas ladies ones. Kohls has them, and I think they were $22. But you can get them lots of places, like Off Broadway Shoes, etc.

  • tori_love

    old navy definately.. they’re 2.50 if you buy two or more pairs and they actually are really comfy and last a long time.. plus they come in like every color.. hope i helped!

  • Smofee

    buy rainbow flip flops. you can purchase them at pacsun, journeys, any department store. i’ve had mine since 7th grade and i’m a freshmen now. they are durable. also theyre about $30-45 i believe.


    Old Navy ones are THE BEST. When they are in season theyre about 5 bucks and off season theyre 2.50. There are soooo many different colors and they are so comfy! they last about 2 years if your feet dont grow, too!

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