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Who can I contact about Forclosures and Pre Foreclosures in Michigan?

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Question by Kimmy B: Who can I contact about Forclosures and Pre Foreclosures in Michigan?
Besides the Sheriff Sale and Legal Section in Newspapers.. I know that already..Duhhhh
Why don’t bankruptcy lawyers want to help out?

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Answer by teran_realtor
From a bankruptcy lawyers perspective, he could work hard, 8 hours a day at what he’s being paid to do, or just get paid for 6 hours and spend the other two talking to “would-be-investors” who watch too much late night TV – and NOT GET ANY MONEY FOR IT. That’s why they don’t want to help out. How much are you offering to PAY these attorneys for their time?

Pre-foreclosures are hard to 1 – find, 2 – talk to, 3 – get the bank to take a low enough amount to make it worth buying.

For foreclosures, talk to a Realtor. All three types (Conventional, FHA and VA) go into the MLS. Agents need to be registered with HUD to submit bids on the HUD ones though.

Good luck!

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  • KL

    Wow, what is with the attitude?

    Go to, duh! This is the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and features HUD and VA foreclosed homes, some of which are $20K under appraised value.


  • Lori D

    I don’t know of an official site for pre-foreclosures but I used and that is how I bought my house and it was a pre-foreclosure. Sometimes they list it is a foreclosure or a pre-foreclosure in the listing details. Hope this helps.

  • Bobbie

    a bankruptcy lawyer usually wants to help the home owner save the not to mention they get paid to save the house.

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